National Pollutant Inventory Reporting and other Environment Related Consultancy Services for Australian Industry

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To obtain a quote, please email your request together with a previous NPI report. If a report is not available, please provide:

  1. Name and address of the company;

  2. Google Maps link to facility location (or latittude and longitude coordinates);

  3. Description of processes at the facility;

  4. Simple process diagram and/or photographs of main processes;

  5. ANZSIC code(s) that apply to the facility processes;

  6. Fuel types used at the facility;

  7. NPI substances likely to be emitted (if known);

  8. Reporting period(s) for which NPI reporting is required; and

  9. If available, NPI Facility Identification number (shown in footer of NPI report).

Further information

ANZSIC codes (PDF)

NPI substances (PDF)

NPI substances (sortable spreadsheet)

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